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What Are The Top 12 Side Effects Of Excessive Masturbation Daily

Masturbation is good for your health and gives you the pleasure that calms your mind and body if done in moderation. However, the side effects of excessive masturbation outnumber the benefits, and these disadvantages can be exacerbated if you fail to control yourself.

Discussing masturbation is kind of a shame in today’s society, but this is one of the most important topics that have to be discussed, especially among the young generation. 

If this topic is ignored, it can cause many youngsters to suffer lots of problems in the future. We must spread awareness that the side effects of excessive masturbation can hazardously affect their lives.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a practice when an individual provides self-pleasure to themselves by stimulating their gentiles and rubbing some sensual body parts such as the penis, scrotum, clitoris, breast, and anus. 

Rubbing these body parts gives people ultimate pleasure, and masturbation is totally normal between men and women. Masturbation plays an essential role in the sexual development of both genders.

However, some people do not understand the true difference between normal masturbation and excessive masturbation. Masturbation makes our brain feel extreme pleasure, and that pleasure consequently develops masturbation addiction.

Excessive masturbation causes

Easy Pleasure

  • We are living in an age where everything is available on the internet, and this easy availability of everything is what made us weak. 

  • Today a 13-year-old kid can easily watch porn online, and this is devastating. 

  • This easy achievement can develop a masturbation addiction in that kid, and if he fails to get proper guidance, he will be more vulnerable than he could ever imagine.


  • Porn is one of the easiest ways to fantasize about your sexual desires. However, this easy fix for our dopamine might result in an addiction to excessive masturbation. 

  • Watching porn might give you the satisfaction you have desired, but the payment of watching porn is to make you addicted to masturbation

  • If you watch porn, you tend to fantasize about the scenarios you have watched in the video the whole day, and you will develop a masturbation addiction in no time.

Improper Education

  • According to our society, If you talk or discuss masturbation in public, then you are shameful.

  • Many men are unaware of the side effects of excessive masturbation due to inadequate education and the shame associated with discussing masturbation 

Fear of Developing Relationships

  • People who fear connecting with people and developing new relationships simply choose this easy way to satisfy their needs.

  • Lonely people are prone to developing excessive masturbation issues.

Masturbation is good or not?

If we had to put it simply, then we would say yes, masturbation is good for your health as well as for your mind. As mentioned earlier, myths about masturbation are swirling in the air, and these myths have been debunked by medical experts so many times.

Masturbation is the safest sexual pleasure in the world because it does not contain the risk of getting pregnant or getting any kind of STD. The arrival of orgasms makes your body release endorphins, which are responsible for making you feel good. These good feelings ultimately relax your body and mind.

However, the disadvantages of masturbation occur when you cross your limits and get addicted to masturbation. Excessive masturbation overstimulates your brain, making it difficult to escape the pleasure you feel while masturbating.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation might be the side effects of daily masturbation, which is why controlling the masturbation habit are vital in order to get rid of these diseases. Other than these, there are several side effects of excessive masturbation, which are the following:

Top 12 Side Effects Of Excessive Masturbation

Top 12 Side Effects Of Excessive Masturbation


Guilt is one of the most significant side effects of masturbation daily. While masturbating, you will feel heavenly, but after ejaculation occurs, you will be filled with guilt. 

People with cultural, religious, and spiritual beliefs feel extreme guilt about ejaculating. Well, this is because our society has made this practice immoral and shameful.

But the reality is totally different; masturbating is neither immoral nor bad. Just think about it: if masturbating is against God’s will, then he would never have made this function in our bodies.

Masturbation is completely acceptable, and you should not feel ashamed of it. 

Swollen Genitals

According to the experts, due to continuous irritation, your penis swells up which further develops Edema in your genitals. 

Edema is a disease that can be the result of excessive masturbation, and we are pretty sure that you would not like this disease.

Daily life disruption

Many men and even women feel the extreme need to masturbate more often than they need to, and that habit might disrupt their lives. This sex addiction will eventually deter you from completing your daily tasks, such as

  • Doing chores or daily activities

  • Missing work or school

  • Cancelling plans with friends or family

  • Missing important social events

This side effect of excessive masturbation is one of the major side effects, and we advise you not to take it lightly.

Social Disadvantages

People who have gotten addicted to masturbation will do anything in their power to spend alone time in their room or bathroom. They will avoid any kind of social gathering, such as marriage, birthday parties, or meetups with friends.

This negligence in attending social gatherings might lead to many social disadvantages, and these disadvantages might cause you lots of problems in your personal and social life.

Not only in men but the social disadvantages are also major side effects of excessive masturbation in women. Women also feel the same way as men do, and avoid social gatherings, parties, and meetups in order to fulfill their desires for masturbation.

Decreased Sexual Sensitivity

Aggressive masturbation practitioners often face low sexual sensitivity. When you masturbate, you have a firm grip on your penis.

This tight grip can cause low sensitivity in the long run. This is also one of the reasons for premature ejaculation in men. 

However, decreased sexual sensitivity can be resolved if you just change your masturbation techniques.


Side effects of excessive masturbation also include fatigue as one of them. If you have a habit of masturbating in an excessive manner, then chronic fatigue and laziness will always be a part of your daily life.

Constant fatigue is also one of the indications that you need to stop right here and control your masturbation habit.

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Low Sperm Count

Lower sperm count is another significant yet unnoticed side effect of excessive masturbation. Your capacity to hold testosterone can be hampered if you develop a masturbation addiction.

According to the Liv Muztang report, this disruption in your testosterone levels may result in a low sperm count, which can further promote low testosterone levels in your body.

Redness & Tender Skin

Redness and tender skin can be the result of yanking on a daily basis. This redness can cause further rashes on your skin. Many skin infections can also enter your body due to dirty hands being used while masturbating.

Dhat Syndrome

Dhat syndrome is associated with physical and emotional distress in men due to sperm loss. Many Indian men believe that passing semen through urine is one of the symptoms of Dhat syndrome.

Excessive masturbation causes you to face Dhat syndrome, and this syndrome might cause premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Poor Focus

If you are a student and you have a masturbation addiction, then this is the correct time to redeem. Your studies will be affected at an immense level, and this will also make you lose focus on your studies and chores as well.

The whole day you will think about nothing but masturbation and sex, and your grades and performance in school and college will be compromised. This habit is more than enough to ruin your student life.

Poor focus is one of the significant side effects of excessive masturbation, and this needs to be fixed.

Nightfall Problem

Nightfall is a condition that occurs when you are having a wet dream and you release your semen in your sleep while having that wet dream.

Feeling horny, watching porn, or over-masturbating are the main reasons for the occurrence of nightfall. 

Low Vitality

As per many ayurvedic experts, excessive yanking can lower one's vitality. Losing too much semen on a daily basis may result, and this low vitality can also make your body weak, which consequently affects your overall health and physical image.

Myths about Masturbation

As mentioned earlier, the topic of masturbation is considered taboo, and because it is a taboo subject, there are lots of myths about masturbation swirling around the air.

These myths have not yet been proven by science, and many of them have been debunked many times before. Some of the myths about masturbation are:

  • Impotence in the future

  • grow hair in unwanted areas

  • Male Infertility

  • Penis curvature

  • Penis shrinkage

  • Blindness

  • Weakness

  • Mental health problems

Some couples feel that their sexual experience will be affected if one of them masturbates. The reality is totally different from this myth. Just like that, there are many other myths about masturbation going around, and you do not have to believe them at all.

So if someone who graduated from WhatsApp University tries to give you a pep talk about the side effects of masturbation in men, then kindly give them the link to this article.

How to quit or avoid masturbation

let’s learn How to control or stop masturbation addiction

The question of controlling your masturbation is one that must be answered, and you also have to learn to control your masturbation addiction. As you learn how dreadful the side effects of excessive masturbation are, controlling yourself is a must; otherwise, you will have to face some of these side effects in the future.

So, without any further ado, let’s learn How to control or stop masturbation addiction:

Avoid Pornography

Your desire for masturbation will be boosted if you expose porn a lot. However, avoiding pornography is the best way to break this daily habit of masturbating.

If you are ready to build a barrier between you and pornographic movies, images, and videos, you will easily overcome your addiction to masturbation. We know getting rid of those sensual videos is not an easy task, but if you believe in yourself, you can definitely achieve it.

Stay Socially Active

Being alone in your house or room can trigger your desire for yanking. In order to avoid it, you should not be alone all the time.

  • You can spend time with your friends outside or go on some trips.

  • You can also spend time with your family and talk to them about anything. 

  • You just have to be surrounded by people and discuss anything with them.

  • If you have no one, then you can go outside and meet new people such as in the mall or park.

Busy Yourself

You must not allow your mind to wander to masturbation; instead, you must keep him engaged in some work or activity.

  • You can complete your school assignments with your friends.

  • You can play video games on your phone or computer.

  • You can watch some spiritual and motivational YouTube videos.

  • You can play outside games such as cricket, football, or badminton in order to keep your mind busy.

No matter what activity you choose, you just have to keep your mind busy with any kind of activity or work.

Seek Professional Help

There are many doctors and ayurvedic practitioners who can help you overcome your addiction. Without any hesitation, you just have to share everything with your doctor or ayurvedic expert. The side effects of excessive masturbation can be decreased if you just make up your mind to quit that habit not quickly but gradually.


FAQ about side effects of excessive masturbation - Liv Muztang

What are the side effects of masturbation in male memory?

A brain hormone called acetylcholine – a neurotransmitter gets affected due to compulsive masturbation, therefore causing memory loss and lack of focus.

Does releasing of sperm affect the body?

Many allopathic doctors might say that it is ok to masturbate daily, but Ayurveda has a different opinion on that topic. According to Ayurveda, releasing sperm does affect our body and it is totally harmful to our mind and body.

What are the disadvantages of releasing sperm daily?

If you masturbate daily, you will likely face the following disadvantages:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Focus
  • Physical issues
  • Low sperm count
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation

Can I recover from the harmful effects of masturbation?

Though it can take months or even a year to overcome the effects of masturbation, eventually, victory will be your ally. Once you are able to tame your mind and persuade yourself not doing masturbation, you shall overcome the effects of this practice.

Does masturbation cause low sperm count?

Masturbation has nothing to do with low sperm count, but the excessiveness of masturbation might trigger this problem. It is better that you perform masturbation in moderation like once or twice a month would be ok.

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