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7 Erotic Kamasutra Positions For Ultimate Pleasure In Bed

Have you ever wondered what our Indian scriptures have to say about sex and eroticism? The Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu textbook that is written in Sanskrit and is all about eroticism, sexuality, and emotional fulfillment.

Little is known about its author, but this ancient book was written by Vatsyayana Mallanga in the 3rd century. Kama Sutra is neither a book for lovemaking nor sex positions, so considering this book as a sex manual for sex positions would be unreasonable.

The Kama Sutra is a book to guide the art of living, the nature of love, and finding a good life partner. However, in some chapters, you might also encounter some unknown sexual concepts, which are enthralling to know.

Everyone wants to sprinkle some fun in their sexual life, and what’s better than knowing the ancient yet most satisfying sexual positions, that will double your fun in bed?
In this article, we will be highlighting the 7 most erotic Kamasutra Positions that will multiply your fun in bed.

What is Kamasutra?

What is Kamasutra -Livmuztang

Kama indicates desire/love/pleasure, and Sutra suggests a treatise. While the Kama Sutra is not considered a sexual manual, it is important to note that this book was the first erotica in the world. 

In some sections, the Kama Sutra defines Kamasutra sex positions that will help people practice great sex in bed. If you ever wondered about the Kamasutra book who wrote, then it was authored by Indian philosopher Vatsyayana Mallanga, who compiled his divine knowledge and penned down the Kamasutra. 

Divided into several chapters, Kamasutra's main aim is to educate people about the nature of love, the art of living, as well as performing the best sex for prolonging relations with a partner. 

According to the Kama Sutra, one can perform 64 different and satisfying sexual acts while making love. Well, not 64, but there are the top 7 positions that are extremely satisfying and easy to perform in bed.

7 Erotic Positions From Kamasutra

In the Kama Sutra, various positions are unheard of by most people. As we mentioned earlier, every sex position has different fun and pleasure in Kamasutra.

So, do not compare these positions with the normal ones that you find on the internet, as they are much more satisfying.

1. Janakurpara

Janakurpara Samputa kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

Want to confront some unwanted pounds while enjoying sex? If yes, then this Janakurpara position is for you. This position requires you to be fit to some extent; therefore, it helps to shred some kilos.

How to do it

  • Both partners need to stand straight.
  • Then the penetrating partner lifts the receiver.
  • Afterward, the penetrating partner locks up their elbows under the receiver’s knees while holding their buttocks.
  • To hold, the receiver should place their hand around the partner’s neck.

Pro Tip:- While performing the Janakurpara, make sure that you keep eye contact with the receiver, as this can make you feel more erotic.

2. Uttana Samputa

Uttana Samputa kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

It is a position where a man will be in the driver’s seat (He will be in control of everything), therefore a man can control everything from pace to depth in this position. This is one of the best Kamasutra poses, as it includes face-to-face contact while lying down.

How to do it

  • The receiver partner needs to lie on their back.
  • Then, the penetrating partner will cover them on top, and
  • Start penetrating your partner while keeping eye contact.

Pro Tip:- To sprinkle more fun, it would be wise to include a passionate kiss while performing Uttana Samputa.

3. Sammukha

Sammukha kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

To begin with, Sammukha is a relatively easy position compared to any other position, and even beginner couples can easily perform it. This position is made for improving love relations between couples, as there is a lot of cuddling involved.

How to do it

  • The taker will lean back against the wall, standing and spreading his legs at the same time.
  • Then, the penetrating partner will be allowed to enter slowly.

Pro Tip:- If the taker is short, then the penetrating partner should not bend (because this can hush up the fun), but use the ottoman beneath their paws.

4. Piditaka

Piditaka kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

This laid-back position is one of the most comfortable and best sex positions stated in the Kamasutra. Moreover, performing this position does not require rocket science, as it is one of the easiest to practice.

How to do it

  • Taker lies on their back while pulling their knees.
  • Then, the taker will rest their feet on the giver’s chest.
  • The penetrating partner then makes an opening by placing knees on either side of the taker’s hips.
  • The giver can also raise the taker’s hips and enter.

Pro Tip:- A penetrating partner can also raise the receiver’s feet to their mouth, to feel extra sensation during intercourse.

5. Virsha

Virsha kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

You have probably heard about "Reverse Cowgirl", In Kamasutra, this position is named Virsha. This is another one of the most amazing positions to try out for enjoying passionate sex.

How to do it

  • The giver lies flat on their bed.
  • The receiver sits on top of them, facing their feet.
  • Then, the receiver bends themselves onto their partner while gripping their ankles.

Pro Tip:- Make sure that your diet is healthy and that you eat food for sexually long time, as this position requires lots of stamina in bed.

6. Tripadam

Tripadam kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

For quick fun, this position is perfect. If you and your partner are of the same height, this position gives you immense fun. Furthermore, you do not need a bed for performing Tripadam, as you can do it while standing.

How to do it

  • Both of you need to stand while facing each other.
  • Then, the penetrating partner needs to lift one of the receiver’s knees and place their hands under it.
  • After, the penetrating partner needs to raise the receiver’s knees up, and enter it.

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7. Dhenuka

Dhenuka kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

In modern terms, Dhenuka is nothing but “Doggy Style”. Well, this position does not require too much explanation, as it is one of the most popular positions ever.

How to do it

  • The receiver goes on their knees and hands, making a doggy position.
  • Then, the penetrating partner will enter their penis in them from behind.

Pro Tip:- Dhenuka aka doggy style is considered an ending sex position, make sure that you and your partner reach their orgasms in this position.

Important to Note

It does not matter whether your relationship is rigid or a one-night stand; as long as you are not planning a baby, it is a must that you use condoms while having sexual intercourse. Using condoms is the best option to prevent dangerous STIs and STDs.
There are various types of condom you can use, such as latex, non-latex, dotted, etc. However, do not use those condoms that you are allergic to.


Kamasutra is an ancient text that was written by the Indian philosopher Vatsyayana Mallanga. This text describes the various ways to live a happy life, including improving one’s sexual relationship with their partner. It is the first erotica to be written in history.

The Kama Sutra talks about plenty of sex positions, such as Uttana Samputa, Piditaka, Virsha, etc., that are worthy of making sex more pleasurable in bed.



F.A.Q kamasutra sex position-Livmuztang

Which god wrote Kamasutra?

Indian philosopher Vatsyayana Mallanga was the one who authored Kamasutra during the 3rd century.

Who is the Hindu god of pleasure?

As per Indian mythology, Kama Dev is the god of love and desire, sexual attraction, and carnal desires.

What is the benefit of Kamasutra condom?

Kamasutra condom is a latex condom that is made to prevent STDs and STIs. Furthermore, the dotted texture of this condom makes sex more satisfying.

What is Kamasutra according to Hinduism?

According to Hinduism, Kama means desire/love/pleasure, and Sutra means treatise. This book is not a sexual manual for a different position, instead, this book is all about the art of living, keeping relations with a partner stronger, and finding a good partner.

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