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14 Different Types of Condoms You Didn’t Know About

Regardless of our age, gender, or sexual preferences, when we get too close to our partners, we should always aim for safe sex. You might ask, “What is safe sex ?”, for the unversed, safe sex is the practice that includes using safety measures like contraceptives or condoms to prevent STIs or STDs.

Many people are not habitual in practicing safe sex, they usually forget that whenever skin-to-skin contact happens during sex, whether it be oral, genital, or anal – the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases increases. Condoms are the best ways to prevent any kind of disease from entering your body while having sex.

There are many different types of condom with a variety of features and benefits. This article will go over 14 different types of condom that you did not know about.

What is Condom

What is Condom - Liv Muztang

A condom is a thin tube, a protective layer used during sexual intercourse. Condoms are responsible to reduce the probability of pregnancy and any other sexually transmitted disease. Condoms create a barrier that prevents semen or any other fluid from entering a female’s vagina.

Using condoms is highly advisable because it cannot only prevent unwanted pregnancy but can also protect one from sexually transmitted diseases or infections.


Latex CondomLatex Condom - Liv Muztang

Latex condoms are the most standard and general condoms, made with a substance that comes from rubber trees. Latex condom are the best condom as they are the most reliable choice for protecting against pregnancy and STIs.

Ribbed, dotted, flavored, and other varieties of condoms are made with latex. Latex is a non-porous substance that is cheap and easy to produce.

When using latex condoms, it is advisable to avoid using oil-based lubricants such as:

  • Lotion
  • Massage oil
  • Baby oil
  • Vaseline

It is because oil-based lubricants can reduce the effect of latex, therefore you should use water or silicon-based lube while using latex condoms.

Non - Latex Condom

Non-Latex Condom - Liv Muztang

Some people are allergic to latex, if you are one of those, use non-latex condoms. Seriously, you do not want to give your little one a hard time when it’s supposed to enjoy a good time.

Non-latex condoms are made up of latex alternatives like:

The absence of latex is the only difference between latex and non-latex condoms. Except for lambskin condoms, both polyurethane and polyisoprene condoms can protect you from STIs and HIV.

Though lambskin types of condom (if you are a vegetarian or vegan, lambskin condoms are not a good choice.) can give protection against pregnancy, they are not recommended for protection against STIs and HIV.

Internal Condom

Internal Condom - Liv Muztang

Internal condoms are also called female condoms, as they are supposed to be placed inside the vagina.

Due to their difficulty of use, internal condoms are quite infamous when it comes to effectiveness. They are only 79% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Internal condoms are great for vaginal owners because they give them perfect control over their sexual health and make their sex in bed awesome.

NOTE:- Never use internal condoms along with external ones, as that increases the risk of breakage for both.

Crystal Condom

Crystal Condom - Liv Muztang

Made from soft silicone, the crystal condom is a reusable studded and dotted condom. They are famous to enjoy extra stimulation and better sexual experience.

The dots and studs in the condom give the crystal impression, thereby they are called crystal condoms.

From delaying ejaculation to giving full pleasure, crystal condoms are the best for sex, so if you want to make your sex more pleasurable, use crystal condoms.

Other than crystal condoms, there are some other ways you can try to delay your ejaculation timing and stay longer in bed:

Using Ayurvedic Approach

Ayurveda is the most ancient medical practice in the world – as it has been in existence for over 5000 years. In Ayurveda, you can find the best Ayurvedic medicine for sex like Liv Muztang, which can make your last longer in bed as it is made up of pure herbs like Mondia Whitei, Ashwagandha, and Kaunch Beej.

Having Good Diet

Like herbs, there are scores of food for sexually long time available in the market that directly works in male reproductive organs, thus making them sexually powerful. Some food to increase sexual power are:

  • Oats
  • Nuts 
  • Canned Tuna
  • Spinach

Flavored Condom

Flavored Condom - Liv Muztang

Flavored types of condom are made to make sex more exciting, thus people have been using them to enjoy more pleasure while having sex.

Flavored condoms are best for those couples who hate the latex condom flavor, and want to try out something fun.

Except covered in a tasty coating, flavored condoms are essentially effective as normal latex condoms.

Ribbed Condom

Ribbed Condom - Liv Muztang

While walking in the aisle of condoms, you might have encountered some packages which claim to give you immense pleasure while having sex in bed.

Well, these condoms are ribbed condoms, and thanks to their unique design and shape, ribbed condoms can fulfill their promise to provide users with sexual pleasure.

If your genitals are quite sensitive, you might find ribbed condoms quite agitating, thus it would be best to use lubes along with ribbed condoms to reduce the friction.

Spermicide Condom

Spermicide Condom - Liv Muztang

These are external condoms, enveloped in a chemical substance that immobilizes and destroys sperm. Spermicide condoms are 70% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Just like non-latex, spermicide condoms come in a variety of categories. The substance on the condom might irritate and might invite some allergic reactions.

You can try different and the best sex position for enjoying extra pleasure while having sex.

Glow-In-The-Dark Condom

Glow-In-The-Dark Condom - Liv Muztang

The Glow-in-the-dark condoms are mainly made up of common latex, therefore they are as effective as an average condom.

Using these condoms can be both fun and functional, and the brands that make these types of condom, are FDA-approved to help prevent pregnancy.

Ultra -Thin Condom

Ultra-thin Condom - Liv Muztang

If you have a complaint about your regular condoms reducing your pleasure, try out ultra-thin condoms.

As their name suggests, ultra-thin condoms have slightly less material than other condoms; however, most people recommend these condoms as the perfect condoms.

Ultra-thin condom sex is the best, as these condoms do not completely reduce the sensation; hence, they keep the fun in the run.

Don’t think that if they are made from thinner material, they are more likely to break. Condoms break when the friction and heat are too high; the material has nothing to do with it.

Lubricated Condom

Lubricated Condom - Liv Muztang

As the name dictates, lubricated types of condom are coated with in-built lubricant, hence you do not have to purchase an extra lubricant after taking this condom on.

Lubricated condoms are also latex condoms, and they are super helpful in dealing with vaginal dryness. Furthermore, they can reduce irritation and prevent condoms from tearing or breaking quickly.

Colored Condom

Colored Condom - Liv Muztang

As condoms become more common, colored condoms are not rare at all. External condoms, whether latex or non-latex, are available in every color.

Color change is the only difference between normal and colored condoms. Furthermore, colored condoms are FDA-approved, so they are safe to use.

Kiss of Mint Condom

Kiss of Mint Condom - Liv Muztang

This non-lubricated external condom is coated with a powder that gives it a sweet and spearmint taste.

Kiss of mint condoms are usually wider than average condoms, and they also have flared tips, which heightened the sensation. These types of condom are best for performing safe oral sex.

Tingling Condom

Tingling Condom - Liv Muztang

These tingling condoms are specially formulated to provide extra stimulation and an intense sexual experience for both partners.

Tingling condoms are coated with a special lubricant that gives a tingling sensation to one or both partners while having sex.

Senses Condom With QuickStrips

Senses Condom With Quickstrips - Liv Muztang

These lubricated condoms are made from latex that have QuickStrips. These QuickStrips are attached to the condoms to facilitate help avoid common mistakes that lead to condom breakage.

How to use Condom

Well, there might be a variety of types of condom on the market, but to put them to the penis, all of them share the same way. This is how you can use a condom.

  • First, open the condom package carefully.
  • Then, put the condom on the tip of the erect penis.
  • There might be some air on the tip of the condom; you need to pinch it out.
  • Unroll the condom down to the penis, and use it.
  • After sex, carefully remove the condom.
  • At last, throw it in the trash.


This article concludes that condoms are not limited to one specific type; hence, there are a series of condoms available on the market. Though, there are many types of condom we ultimately want them to work the same way – protecting against pregnancy, STIs, and HIV.

From ribbed condoms to ultra-thin, every condom is effective and best for providing ultimate pleasure during sex in bed. Even using these condoms is super simple and has no rocket science behind it.


F.A.Q. About Condom - Liv Muztang

Which type of condom is best?

According to people's satisfaction, ultra-thin condoms are the best on the market, as they do not reduce the sensation, and they are also in trend.

Which condom is safe?

Latex condoms are the safest condoms, as they are more effective in preventing STDs. If you are allergic to latex, you can also try condoms made of polyurethane and polyisoprene.

Why are condoms dotted?

The only aim of raising dots outside of the condoms is to increase pleasure by generating more friction between the penis and vagina.

Which is better ribbed or dotted?

Well, this debate is years old, and it all depends on the partners’ choice of whether they want to use ribbed or dotted condoms. However, according to some research, many partners prefer to use dotted condoms.

What condoms feel best for girls?

Dotted, ultra-thin, and lubricated condoms are the condoms that most girls prefer to use while having sex, and they are the best for them as well.

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