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Top 15 Easy & Best Sex Positions to Help You Last Longer in Bed

Besides a good diet, reduced stress, and enough exercise, there are some sexual positions that can also help you last longer in bed. These best sex positions are special for those unfortunate who are suffering from premature ejaculation. If you are married or in a relationship, you must wonder how you can increase the longevity of your sexual intercourse. These best sex positions are the answer to all of your questions.

Your longevity in bed makes your relationship with your partner more robust. Besides love, females also desire the best nights with their partners. Fulfilling their sexual needs is all that they expect from those nights with you, and you have to live up to their expectations at any cost. 

So, let us have a look at the top 15 easy & best sex positions to help you last longer in bed.

Top Best Sex Positions For Beginners For Longer Sexual Intercourse

Cowgirl Position

Cowgirl Position easy sex positions to last longer in bed

How to do it

  • Lie down on your bed.

  • Straddle your legs and let your female partner climb on you, after she mounts you, you just need to insert your penis in her vagina.

  • Your girl can ride on your penis just like a cowgirl.

  • This is one of the easy sex positions to last longer in bed with your partner.

How it can help

  • This position allows you to voluntarily relinquish whole control and give this control to your female partner.

  • Over the penetration, your partner is the one in control, snatching away the opportunity of thrusting aggressively and quickly.

Spooning Position

The Spooning Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Both you and your partner lie side by side, and your front side should press against her back just like a spooning cuddle.

  • Then you spread your partner's legs and find her vagina with your hand before slowly entering her.

How this position is one of the best sex positions

  • It is arguably one of the best sex positions to control your ejaculation and make you ride your vehicle for longer periods of time.

  • This position allows you to perform short strokes, deterring you from conducting long and wild thrusts that push men to the point of ejaculating quickly.

  • The short strokes also keep you away from premature ejaculation and make your lovemaking more pleasurable.

Side by Side Position

Side by side position - Liv muztang

How to do it

  • Similar to spooning, but facing each other is different in this position. 

  • Lying while facing each other’s faces is what this position is all about. 

  • She will lift up her free leg and wraps it around your hips, allowing your penis to enter her vagina.

How it can help

  • The depth of your thrusting can be decided by both you and your partner, resulting in an arousing sexual experience.

  • The man also gives up some of his control and focuses more on sensations while limiting his thrust.

The Yab-Yum Position

The Yab Yum Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • First, a man sits on the floor or bed.

  • Then, the woman straddles her legs while facing him and,

  • Allows you to enter your penis into her.

How this is one of the best sex positions

  • The Yab-Yum position is for ultimate sexual pleasure, as it stops you from focusing on thrusting more.

  • You cannot focus on your thrusting while holding yourself and your partner up.

  • This is one of the best sex positions for orgasm because you will have direct eye contact with your partner.

Non-Penetrative Missionary Position

Non - Penetrative Missionary Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Just lie on top of your partner as you do in a normal missionary position.

  • But, you are not allowed to penetrate her vagina.

  • Just rub the back of your penis on your partner’s vulva, clitoris, and perineum.

How this position can help you

  • Most people find this position trivial because it is an outercourse position, but this is one of the best sex positions for those who cum easily.

  • This will allow you to experience sensual time with your partner for a longer period of time because you won’t penetrate her having fun on the outside.

The Cross Position

The Cross Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • It requires you to lay on sideways and requires her to lie on her torso, her back at a 90-degree angle.

  • Her legs should be dropped over your hips, and her butt should be exposed in front of your pelvis.

How it can help

  • Unlike other positions, this is one of the new sex positions that has not been known among many individuals.

  • This position makes it difficult to thrust uncontrollably and makes you last longer in bed.

69 Position

How to do it

  • Let your partner lie down on her back, then you need to mount on her while facing her lower body.

  • You both will make a number 69.

  • This way you both can perform oral sex because your genitals will be lined up on your partner’s mouth and vice versa.

How it can help

  • Although this does not involve penetration, it is one of the best sex positions for orgasm.

  • If you are dealing with erectile dysfunction, then this position helps you to get your erection more quickly than possible.

  • Genital kissing is great but bringing sex toys can multiply your fun.

Woman On Top Position

Woman on top position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Akin to cowgirl, this position requires a woman to mount on you but in this position, she needs to lie her chest with your chest in a parallel position.

  • Then, you will have to insert your penis into your partner’s vagina.

How it can help you

  • When your female partner is on top, then she will have whole control over your thrusting ability.

  • This position is especially super erotic for women because they will be able to grind their clitoris against your shaft and control your thrusting.

  • Communication while your intercourse will multiply your fun, so make sure that you do not leave out the communication part.

  • If you perform this sexual position after taking a dose of Liv Muztang ayurvedic sex medicine, then you can witness an immense improvement in your performance.

Sit on the throne Position

Sit on the throne position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Sit on a chair like a king, and have your partner stand with her back facing you.

  • Afterward, slowly pull her into a seated position on your lap, and

  • Insert your penis into her.

How this position can help

  • This is one of the best sex positions for first time doers because it allows you to experience a king-like feeling with your partner.

  • Like other positions, this position also gives your partner full control over your thrusting power, and you can enjoy long and deep penetration with the help of this position.

Grinding Missionary Position

Grinding Missionary Position - Best Sex Positions to Last Longer in Bed

How to do it

  • Missionary is one of the easy sex positions to ejaculate quickly because from deep penetration to thrusting, you are the one who is in control of everything.

  • Grinding missionary allows you to penetrate deeply, and you leave your penis in there while grinding your hips against hers.

How this position can help you

  • Unlike normal missionary, grinding missionary makes it hard for you to ejaculate and makes it easy for you to enjoy long-lasting sex.

  • Without the intense thrust, you will be able to prevent your penis from overstimulation.

The Twist Position

The Twist Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Let your female partner spread her legs just like in scissored position.

  • After, you will have to lie your body on hers, and your chest should press her side.

How this position can help you

This position might give you full control over thrusting and penetration but still, you can control your thrusting in this position.

Standing Ovation Position

Standing Ovation Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Find a comfortable pillow, and ask her to lay on that pillow.

  • Make sure you place that pillow near her lower back.

  • You need to stand while facing her near the bed or a table.

How it can help

  • From offering deep penetration to erotic intimacy, this position also allows you to have an option of whether you want to thrust fast or slow.

  • This position is the best sex positions to get pregnant, and also highly beneficial for women as their G-Spot can be targeted effectively.

Take A Kneel Position

Take a kneel position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Have your girl lies on her back just as in the missionary position.

  • Ask her to splay her legs, then you kneel upright, inserting your penis from a perpendicular position.

How it can help

  • Your thrusting force will be controlled because you cannot thrust deeply thanks to the difficulty level of this position.

  • You will be more focused on adjusting your kneeling position which can distract you from having an early orgasm.

Lying Doggy Position

Lying doggy position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Lie your partner flat on her belly, and you need to lie on her.

  • Your stomach should press against the top of her back.

  • This position gives you a missionary feels, only your partner is flipped over.

  • Try slow thrusting or just grind against her.

How it can help

  • Doggy style is a reserved sexual position for ending your sex, but this position is hard to last long.

  • Unlike doggy style, this position is one of the best sex positions to stay in control and gives you what you actually want.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

Reverse Cowgirl Position - Liv Muztang

How to do it

  • Similar to the cowgirl, this position requires women to reverse their position.

  • This position wants you to face her feet, then she rides on you backward.

How this position can help you

  • Reverse cowgirl is one of the best sex positions of all because both you and your partner have equal control over thrusting.

  • This position gives you the same benefits as the cowgirl position.


Which sex position is best for longer time?

There is no particular sex position to make you last longer in bed but according to LivMuztang experts, the cowgirl position is one of the best sex positions in order to delay your ejaculation, and many people report the same.

What is the fastest way to last longer in bed?

  • Eating foods to increase sexual power such as meat, watermelon, and oysters can help you to last longer in bed. 

  • You can also try ayurvedic herbs such as Mulondo herb, Ashwagandha, or Shatavari in order to increase your stamina.

  • You should focus more on foreplay, and avoid jumping right onto sexual intercourse.

  • Distract your mind from having orgasms and try to think about something not related to sex.

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