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G Spot in Women: Step By Step Guide to Find G Spot

The topic of G spot in women has puzzled lots of researchers and sex havers, however, the fabled G spot is not what you imagined in your fantasies, it is not a separate part of the anatomy, but it is a part of the large clitoral network.

If we had to give a brief answer about the existence of G Spot, we would say yes, it does exist – and finding it would ensure the best sexual experience for both partners, as experts and many women claim.

In today’s article, we will find out what is g spot, and how to find G spot in women. Furthermore, we will look into the best sex positions for the G spot.

What is G Spot in Women

In simple terms, the female g spot is a spot that can surely increase one's pleasure and erotic experience. When one partner stimulates this spot during sex, the other gets the ticket to achieving earth-shattering vaginal orgasms.

Also refer as Gräfenberg spot, G spot earned its name from Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, one of the doctors who introduced the g-spot area in the medical world. The g spot is one of the erogenous zones – areas for sexual arousal that is the key to unlocking heavenly vaginal orgasms.

Why do we need orgasms in the first place? Well, If we take a severe look at orgasms, we will find that orgasms are good for our health as they help us deal with numerous health problems like stress and anxiety.

Where is G Spot

Contrary to ancient belief, the g spot is not part of a female’s anatomy; rather, it is a part of her clitoris. It is mainly located inside a woman’s vagina, on the front wall
The main sign of a g spot is that it can swell when a woman is aroused. If you want to stimulate the g spot in women, you need to stimulate the front wall of her vagina.

How to find G Spot

Every adult woman – as soon as she gets to know about "G Spot" wants to know how to find my spot. But, it is not as simple as you might think since it is nowhere to be found on any map of human anatomy.

However, that does not conclude that it is impossible to find a g spot. Rather than finding it with a partner, it would be better to locate it through self-exploration.

Steps to find G spot in women

Steps to find G spot in women - Livmuztang

Just remember that haste makes waste; you need to be super patient if you want to enjoy your hunt for a G-spot. These steps will definitely help you find g spot and teach you the relevance of self-love.

Step 1

The first and foremost thing you need to do is calm your body and mind as you begin to explore your body. Without a calm mind and body, you will not be able to find your desired G-spot.

Step 2

As soon as you are calm, start massaging your vagina’s opening without inserting your fingers (you can also use a sex toy).

Step 3

After stimulating the outer vagina, insert your fingers, palm up, and make a "come here" motion with your fingers or sex toy.

Step 4

Afterward, you need to repeat the "come here" motion, as long as you start to feel the sensation. Instead of focusing on in-and-out movement, keeping your focus on the internal area would be better

If you want to add your partner to your quest for the G-spot, you can do that either, as this may multiply your fun and give you more stimulation than practicing it alone.

G Spot Sex Positions

G Spot Sex Position- Livmuztang

Well, if a woman’s structure were a fairy tale, her clitoris would be the magic kingdom—the main place where you can get all the fun. Along with self-exploration, one can also lean towards some g spot sex positions to enjoy super-steamy sex.


G Spot Easily Stimulated while using Rider Sex Position - Livmuztang

The rider position also refers to the cowgirl position, and it is one of the best sex position for g spot stimulation. To perform this position you need to:

  • Lie your partner on his back, climb on him, and straddle him.
  • Then, gently adjust his penis to your vagina, and start riding on him.
  • Don’t bobble up and down; instead, move straight and back in order to stimulate the G-spot region.

The rider (cowgirl) position allows you to have full control over thrusting, depth, rhythm, and angle of penetration, so you can focus on finding your spot. 

Doggy Style

G Spot stimulated more easily while performing doggy style - Livmuztang

Doggy style is considered "the end" sexual position, as this position is used at the end of sex. To achieve deeper penetration during sex in bed, doggy style is the way to go.

  • First, ask your partner to stand behind you, and lean on your forearms.
  • Place your partner’s penis where your g spot is, and ask him to thrust.
  • You can also push your hips backward to change the angle and be in a more comfortable position.

For performing this position perfectly, your partner needs to be stamina-rich. Without good stamina, enjoying doggy style is next to impossible, therefore, your partner needs to be high in stamina.

Stamina requires lots of healthcare and that does also include having food to increase sex power such as oysters, watermelon, apples, beetroots, etc.

And, one can also try the best ayurvedic medicine for sex, which is Liv Muztang. This medicine is a creation of top-notch Ayurvedic experts. Numerous Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs such as Ashwagandha, Mondia Whitei, and Shilajit have been used in Liv Mustang.

The Snake

G spot with snake position stimulated more easily - Livmuztang

The snake is another yet effective version of the doggy style, as it can offer a better angle to reach the front wall of the vagina

It does not matter if your partner is in charge, you can still raise your hips and do what’s best for you. To perform this position you need to:

  • Lie down on your stomach, and raise your hips
  • Then, you need your partner to lie down on top of you, and
  • He will slide in from behind, stimulating your g spot.

It would be best to use a crystal condom for extra stimulation, as crystal condoms in one of the types of condom, which are best for providing long-lasting sex.

The Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow sex position to find female g spot- Livmuztang

If you want to try something new other than bed positions, the wheelbarrow position is for you. This position is great for stimulating the g spot in women, as it can directly hit your g spot in seconds. To perform the wheelbarrow position, you need to:

  • Get on your hands and feet.
  • Then, let your partner pick you up by your pelvis, and
  • You need to straddle your legs.
  • After, your partner will start thrusting while hitting your g spot.

The wheelbarrow is yet another sexual position that demands high-level of sexual stamina, and this can only be achieved by having food for sexually long time.


F.A.Q - about G spot in women

Is the G-spot totally different from the clitoris?

No, the G Spot is an integral part of the clitoral network; hence, it is located on the vaginal wall, a few inches inside the vagina.

Is a G-spot orgasm always better than a clitoral orgasm?

It totally depends on the woman, as some women find clitoral orgasms more amazing, and others find having g-spot orgasms an earth-shattering experience. Tbh! There is no orgasm hierarchy exists.

Are G-spot orgasms and vaginal orgasms the same?

G Spot orgasms include stimulating just the g spot in women, however, vaginal orgasms include tickling or stimulating anything inside or around the vagina.

How can you help your partner find your G-spot?

Certain g spot sex positions like the rider, the snake, and doggy style allow deeper penetration, therefore these positions can help your partner find your g spot.

Does a G-spot orgasm lead to squirting?

Yes, g-spot orgasm can be a trigger for glands to release white mucusy material (squirt).

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